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Map of Love

Finding the Authentic One-Love

A mystical dance between Source, the cunning serpent Jezebel, the Martyr and the Devil, where light, temptation, and darkness entwine in an eternal cosmic waltz of enlightening authentic One-Love. Our crafts are made with care and passion, and we are dedicated to providing our family with the most beautiful and meaningful talisman pieces allowing guidance from the spirit realms in the magnificent dance of resonating with Source Love. A family built on the foundation of "one-love" radiates a unique and profound connection. In such a family, love is not just a sentiment but a guiding principle that unites its members in a deep, unbreakable bond. It transcends the limitations of biology or bloodlines, embracing individuals who share a mutual affection and care for each other. This family thrives on open communication, trust, and authenticity. They support one another through thick and thin, celebrating triumphs and providing solace during trials. One-love families create a nurturing environment where every member is cherished, and unity prevails, making us an exemplar of Source's eternal and radiant One-Love. At Map of Love, we believe that crafts are a way to find one-love in a battle between the Devil and the Martyr in the protected heavens of Jezebel.

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